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What to Look Out for in Soccer Camps ?

If you’re thinking of enrolling your child in summer camps, there are many features that you need to look out for. This ranges from accommodation to security. Here, you’ll find some features that you must check first. 

Important Features to Look Out for

Below are some of the key features you should look out for in a soccer camp for kids. 


There are often soccer camps that are owned and organized by professional football clubs. However, it is important to check if the camp you’re considering is registered and licensed. 


What is their curriculum and daily schedule like? If the camp is residential or a day camp, how do they spend the hours of the day? What special programs do they have for campers throughout their stay on campgrounds?


You should check for the qualification of coaches and the available staff. If you’re big on looking for soccer camps to help your child build a career in soccer, you need to take this feature seriously.

Security and Safety

Security is one of the most important features to look out for in soccer camps. Issues of security concern where the camp is situated and how safe the environment is. Also, you need to know if the grounds are well guarded. It is common for campers to sustain minor injuries or have emergency cases when training. However, what matters is how well the camp authorities handle these cases. Do they have a clinic and the right health care facilities?

Payment and Refund Policies

More often than not, soccer camps are not free and would require that you pay fees. You need to find out how their payment works and if you can get refunds when the need arises. 

Categories of Soccer Camps

There are different categories of soccer camps. For instance, some soccer camps are set up to recruit children into teams while some others are mainly for fun.

  • Beginner Camps

Beginner camps deal with younger children. Their goal is to make camping as fun as possible. 

  • Intermediate Camp

Intermediate camps may house older children and adolescents. There is more active participation in sports. 

  • Advanced Camp

More technical training with a lot of physical activities is carried out on this camp. 


Irrespective of whatever kind of camp you register your children with, you must lookout for the features mentioned above.