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What are the benefits of playing basketball for women?

Exercising in addition to making the body fit, also provides benefits as a form of releasing body fatigue so that it makes the mind happier.  One type of sport that has long existed is basketball. This sport, which was discovered in 1891, is popular with many people, young, old, female and male.  For women, it turns out that there are more benefits when playing basketball.

Maria Selena, a former basketball player who was active in two basketball clubs, revealed that apart from being useful as a means of recreation to relieve fatigue from work, basketball also has other benefits.  “Because basketball has a lot of body contact, women are tougher, stronger, and more daring,” said Puteri Indonesia in 2011.

Selena also revealed that when competing with men, usually women will benefit more. “Usually they (men) are more reluctant. Even though we are normal,” he said with a laugh.  Selena herself revealed that she liked to play basketball from a young age because there is a basketball court next to her house. Within a week, the girl who once represented Indonesia in the Miss Universe 2015 event spends at least once playing basketball. Once a match, Selena used to spend two hours playing basketball with her community.