Still Not Satisfied, Real Madrid And Barcelona Will Fight Again In The United States


Real Madrid and Barcelona are rumored to be holding El Clasico matches when the 2021-2022 season ends. The pre-season match is also rumored to be held at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, the United States in July 2022.

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This news blows after the actual El Clasico duel in the 2021-2022 Spanish League, in which Barcelona won a landslide victory. Yes, Xavi Hernandez’s team managed to win with a landslide score of 4-0 at Santiago Bernabeu, Spain on Monday 21 March 2022.

Blaugrana-Barcelona’s nickname- managed to break the dominance of the victory of Los Blancos-Real Madrid’s nickname- in the last five matches. Interestingly, at this time they will again hold El Clasico in the Americas.

According to a Barca Universal report, not only Barcelona and Real Madrid will play in the United States, but the two Italian giants AC Milan and Juventus will also join the pre-season tour. All matches will reportedly take place in the United States. Meanwhile, the President of the Spanish League, Javier Tebas previously admitted that it was very difficult to hold a tournament in the United States. Moreover, this duel involves two big teams in Spain.

However, with the advent of this deal, it will be easier for Spanish clubs to meet with fans in the United States. This agreement can also strengthen the club’s relationship with the United States to make it easier to hold tournaments there.

Surely that moment could also be an opportunity for Madrid to avenge their defeat at the Santiago Bernabeu, or will Barcelona win again? What is certain is that because it was held during pre-season, the match will be a moment for the two coaches to formulate a new strategy.

How to Buy Your FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Football Tickets Online

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– Tribuna 3, Tribuna 2, and Tribuna 1 (side side – closed grand stand)

– VIP Silver, VIP Gold, and VIP Platinum

The website you buy from must have these specific details: Most websites use the regular Cat3, Cat2, and Cat 1 details. However, when you purchase Cat 1, you may get a Lateral tier 3 ticket, while paying the price for a Tribuna tier 1 ticket.

5. Once you have selected a ticket category, make sure the tax is included in the price you see. Again many websites use the trick of showing prices without Spanish taxes and you get an unpleasant surprise at check out as 21% VAT is added to all your ticket prices.

6. You may be asked to enter your contact details and select your shipping option. You are usually given a choice between delivery to your hotel and a pickup in the center of Barcelona. (note that most ticket distribution channels receive tickets from clubs a week before the game, making it impossible for them to send them to your home address)

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8. Enjoy!

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