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The Clann Series is a great series for YA Paranormal Romance lovers! If you’re in the temper for a sequence full of drama, secrets and techniques, mysteries, and magic, then this sequence should be at the top of your record. I even have extremely enjoyed this collection, and have been following it since Crave came out. Like an excellent pal that moves away, I am unhappy to say goodbye. The aspect that I assume gave the book some new life was Emily and Savannah’s mom had a much bigger half than the other 2 books and it added to the story. I especially appreciated Emily and her spicy perspective.

There is so much that could’ve been accomplished with this part of the story. Tristan, Savannah, her father and her mother together with Emily are on the run for most of this book and in itself wasn’t a bad thing except NOTHING happened. For lengthy stretches in Consume, there was completely no progress besides silly and petty confrontations. It was hard to consider that the Clann and the Vampires had been truly at war because there was nothing struggle-like occurring. For most of their journey they remained unmolested.


She was brilliant and I really appreciated her on this book. Though I’m sad that I won’t be seeing more of her, I’m glad that she lastly received a cheerful ending.

Even Emily, Tristan’s sister known as her a doormat, with good reason. I would’ve enjoyed studying about then more. The characters in this novel are actually running for their lives throughout a majority of the story, so there’s lots of downtime and Darnell uses this to essentially flesh out her characters. Truthfully, a lot of the novel focuses on the problems brewing between Tristan and Savannah more than anything, but I kind of liked this as a new reader of the series. Oh, and Tristan’s additionally lost his memory, so eating folks seems like a good suggestion to him.

Straight Consume

Savannah was notably tough to read about. Admittedly she did make some strides toward maturity through the course of the trilogy, especially when serving to Tristan take care of controlling his volatile feelings as a newly turned vampire. But I nonetheless thought she was egocentric, her first thought and concern was at all times Tristan, everybody else, her household and associates got here second. While she describes herself as a peacekeeper, to me she’s a pushover.

Anyway, Tristan was a member of the magic wielding Clann, who was slated to take over for his father because it’s leader. Savannah was too, however she was a witch/vampire hybrid, so of course their love was forbidden. Evidently, at the end of the last e-book she was forced to show him right into a vampire hybrid in order to save his life. I give Consume by Melissa Darnell 4 Magical, Adventurous, and Suspenseful Stars!

  • And the feelings that have been present because the characters faced demise and hazard have been palpable.
  • The ending to this guide, and the series as an entire, was PERFECT!
  • They gain the consumed particular person’s appearance and can imitate their voice at will.
  • I couldn’t imagine a greater ending to this collection.

Fortunately, his memory eventually comes back, and he stops attempting to suck the blood of innocents. Tristan and Savannah are childhood associates who fell in love.

The solely time they got into trouble after they needed to go near their hometown because they needed to restock their blood provide. All the other characters from this series had their moments in this guide. From Joan to Anne to Dylan, all of the characters really came to life. Savannah really got here into her full potential in this book. Over the course of the earlier two books, she had grown progressively stronger and, on this last guide, she actually turned a kick-ass heroine. She matured and have become a truly admirable individual.