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5 tips to make soccer training fun for kids

Unlike soccer training for adults, which focuses on physical, tactical, and technical aspects, soccer training for kids should focus on fun. In fact, many parents and coaches are putting too much pressure on their youngsters to be successful like the legendary players Messi or Ronaldo. The key here is to keep a balance between making them happy and developing their skills. Below are some simple tips to help you make soccer training for kids fun.

1. Groups by skill levels

If you are a coach who knows every player well, it is a good idea to split them into groups based on their abilities and skill levels. Some kids have natural talents in soccer, while others need a lot of training to develop. By pairing children up with those of the same level, more advanced players would have more room to test themselves. At the same time, those kids who need more practice can have more confidence and less stress.

2. Talk less, do more

Unlike adults, children do not listen to your instructions or tactics for hours. The younger the kids, the lower their attention span. Overall, they just want to move and have fun with soccer. Being in action will definitely bring them more fun. Therefore, make sure to give them short announcements and then go straight into training.

3. Give constructive comments

There is a big difference between “Do not look down. That’s why you missed that chance!” and “Nice try, but you will do better if keeping your head up”. A good coach should know this. Giving constructive and supportive comments rather than criticizing is common sense. This would make youngsters feel more comfortable after each mistake, thus allowing them to have more fun.

4. Mix up

Doing the same drills week by week only bores children and slows their progress. Instead, it is better to engage them. Consider mixing things up, such as trying different exercises, rotating the positions, and many other options. The key is to make children not feel bored after each training session.

5. Celebrate success

When children complete the drills, make sure to celebrate with them. While a successful pass is not a big deal, saying “good job!” or “congratulation” may make them have more motivation. Also, make sure to let them know that you are always watching them and their hard work does not go unnoticed.

The bottom line

Knowing these small tips can help you make training full of fun for kids. If you are looking for help from a soccer coaching platform, then visit They are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to help your youngsters develop their talents without being under too much stress and pressure.